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10 Tips to Stay Warm if Your Furnace is Broken

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The winter season comes with many obstacles we all usually experience at one time or another; forgetting your umbrella or stepping in a rain puddle is all pretty irritating. But imagine coming home to a freezing house and a broken furnace with no hopes of being fixed until the handyman can stop by. This is a nightmare situation for anyone who needs a warm house to operate normally. Today we will discuss a few tips to stay warm and get you back and running during the tough times without an operating furnace.

Tip 1: Close All Doors And Windows

This sounds like a crazy obvious tip but it’s easier to warm up a small room than the entire house and/or neighborhood.

Tip 2: Layer Up With Clothes

Obvious tip number 2, most people do not know the correct way to layer up. The goal is NOT to end up looking like an NFL Linebacker. Start with thin layers then top with a warm jack to insulate it all. You will end up warm and looking semi-stylish.

Tip 3: Hot Food And Drinks

Make sure to skip out on the cold wedge salad on this cold evening. Heat up some warm soup or enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot cocoa to assure a warm night without the help from your friendly furnace.

Tip 4: Close Your Curtains

This is not so obvious, most people do not realize the amount of heat that gets trapped in a room by just closing your blinds and curtains. Cool temperatures radiate from the windows so it is best to block it as best as possible.

Tip 5: Staying Active

Get that heart rate up! Getting the blood pumping will raise your body temperature allowing you to warm up. Do a few push-ups and sit-ups and enjoy the natural heat.

Tip 6: Bundle Up And Watch A Movie

If you are not in the mood to be an active type, try jumping under the blankets and watching a movie. Getting under the covers and deep into a movie will for sure cause you to forget about all of your furnace troubles.

Tip 7: Clean Socks

Everyone loves a clean, warm pair of socks! Make sure to change your socks and enjoy the sudden warmth of new socks around your feet. Socks are something we all love during the cold winter.

Tip 8: Have A Party

One thing that will assure a warm home is a house party! Invite over some of your friends and watch the room temperature rise. Everyone loves a good social hour, so why not use your friends for some good?

Tip 9: Hot Pads and Heated Blankets

Try a hot pad or heated blanket when going to bed! Putting a hot pad at your feet before bed will keep you warm 100% of the time. Or another option is a heated blanket, these do wonders and usually are not too costly at the local store.

Tip 10: Plugin Space Heaters

In the twenty-first century, people often forget that we still have the ability to use space heaters. These will work well to heat up a small bedroom or living room when your furnace is not working.

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