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- Purification System

Fits on ANY HVAC System • $19.95/mo
  • Destroy Contaminants
  • Protects From pollutants
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Purify Air & Reduce Allergens
  • NASA Created Technology

X-Purification System: NexGen's Air Purification Systems

Whole-home air purification systems are becoming the new norm, especially for families and homeowners that may be sensitive to pollutants and allergens. Now more than ever before, having an air purification system installed in your home can protect you and your loved ones from more than just allergens. The air purification systems of today can eliminate the threat of airborne viruses and bacteria that cause upper respiratory infections. They are also extremely useful during those all-to-common dry seasons when fires tend to kick up and fill the air with soot, ash, and pollutants.
With the most recent wave of airborne viruses, what better time to make sure your home is free of harmful particles and bacteria that could carry this deadly virus. Our whole-house air purifiers are compatible with all HVAC systems and can easily be installed on your heating and cooling unit. All products HERS tested, 100% permitted.

How Does the NexGen Air Purification System Work?

NexGen’s air filtration systems use NASA-developed technology to scrub the air in your home and create a safe environment where you can breathe easily, without worry. This is especially important if you have young children with asthma or adults over the age of 60 with compromised respiratory ailments or pulmonary diseases living in the home. Installing an air purification system could save those most vulnerable a hospital visit by ensuring the air they are breathing is free of pollutants. The air purification specialists at NexGen, and our X Protects initiative goes beyond other air purification services. We strive to protect your family’s safety and health, meaning we take every measure to ensure the air you breathe is clean. Understanding how a whole-home air purification system can transform your home into a clean and healthy environment is the first step to living a healthier life overall. Take the initiative, the NexGen clean air initiative and start breathing easy starting today!

Why Choose NexGen?

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Types of Air Purifiers & Whole-House Air 
Purification Systems

Air purifiers can be broken up into 3 categories, filter-based systems, duct-based systems, and stand-alone air purification 
systems. Let’s review how each of these indoor air purification systems work so you can better understand what would be the
 best fit for your home.

Filter-Based Air Purification Systems:

Air purifiers can be broken up into 3 categories, filter-based systems, duct-based 
systems, and stand-alone air purification systems. Let’s review how each of these 
indoor air purification systems work so you can better understand what would be
 the best fit for your home.

Flat Filters

If your home is heated through forced air, then here’s what you’ll need: A flat filter that needs to be changed once per month. In fact, the more often you change your filter the better. These filters quickly clog with dust. When that happens, your HVAC system will have to work much harder to maintain airflow. Standard flat filters are also meant to stop large debris from damaging your furnace, they don’t do too well when it comes to filtering out pollutants. Some of the best options for a flat filter are electronically charged filters that capture allergens before they can enter your home.

Extended Media Filters

Where a flat filter is relatively thin, an extended media filter is about 8 inches thick! This robust filter is much more effective at filtering out dust and debris than a traditional flat filter. Due to their size, extended media filters must be installed into the ductwork of your HVAC system meaning they must be professionally installed.

Ultraviolet Filters

If you’re looking to take your air purification seriously, you’ll want an ultraviolet filter. The ultraviolet lights of these filters instantly kill bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants on contact. This is exactly why hospitals use UV filters in tuberculosis wards. The effectiveness of UV light filters takes the top spot when it comes to HVAC system filtration.

Duct Based Air Purification Systems

These air purifying units are installed right into your air ducts, filtering impurities in your air as it flows through your ductwork.

Stand-Alone Systems

These air purification systems are generally installed in a closet or an attic and will require additional air intakes to be installed. These systems will usually require a licensed HVAC technician to be installed. What this means is that sometimes, customers may be taken advantage of because they don’t have another choice. But, with X Protects, you can now rest assured that your best interests will be heard when it comes to air quality. Home Air Purification is entirely safe for humans and pets, yet extremely effective in eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria such as Swine Flu, Staph, and even E. Coli. There’s even a Harvard University study linking good air quality to prolonged lifespan; who doesn’t want that!

Common Contaminants & Airborne Pollutants

Most people are largely unaware of just how many contaminants are in the air they breathe. Air purification systems that 
include HEPA filters, air scrubbers, and ultraviolet light, can do away with these airborne pollutants and ensure that everyone
 under your roof stays healthy.


Air purifiers can be broken up into 3 categories, filter-based systems, duct-based systems, and stand-alone air purification systems. Let’s review how each of these indoor air purification systems work so you can better understand what would be the best fit for your home.


In the lower atmosphere of the Earth ozone is formed. Harmful ozone is comprised of pollutants emitted by cars, industrial buildings, power plants, chemical plants and other sources that react chemically to sunlight. Harmful ozone can easily creep into the air in your home and negatively impact the respiratory system over time.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Most people aren’t very familiar with VOCs, but they should be. VOCs are harmful compounds that include formaldehyde that comes from adhesives, paints, cleaning products. Radon is another harmful gas that can cause lung cancer and even death. Exposure to these harmful VOCs can cause nose, throat, and eye irritation. As well as headaches, nausea, and cause damage to the liver, kidney, and nervous system.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a more familiar air pollutant that most homeowners are familiar with. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, colorless gas, which can cause illness and sudden death if it is present in your home. CO is produced any time a fossil fuel is burned. CO-related illness and deaths are common, hence why we suggest having a carbon monoxide detector in several locations throughout your home. NexGen's total home air purification systems can protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nitrogen Dioxide

Another harmful gas that can wreak havoc on the respiratory systems of everyone in your household is nitrogen dioxide, otherwise known as NO2. Nitrogen dioxide forms when things like fossil fuels are burned at high temperatures, which happens all around us on a daily basis. This is an unavoidable pollutant that can only be filtered out by having a home purification system installed in your home.

Sulphur Dioxide

Otherwise known as SO2, sulphur dioxide is a corrosive gas that is created by burning coal or crude oil, most prevalent for homes in and around power plants and factories that produce fuels, chemicals or paper products. Even if your home isn’t near any of these pollution emitting locations, these pollutants travel miles in the air and eventually make it into the air in your home. NexGen’s air purification system is a surefire way to scrub the air of these harmful airborne contaminants.

Dangerous Effects of Air Pollution

Little do people know that household air pollution is one of the leading causes of chronic infections, disease, and can even lead to premature death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), close to 4 million premature deaths occur each year as a result of exposure to inhaled contaminants and airborne viruses.

If you live in the developed world, then you have been exposed to a slew of health-damaging pollutants and viruses. Power plants, chemical plants, factories, and other industries all emit dangerous exhaust and vapors that can travel miles and make their way right into the heart of your home.

With the heightened state of awareness surrounding the deadly airborne viruses, it is in every homeowner’s best interest to act quickly to purify the air in their home. Not only does pollution pose a risk, but airborne viruses can be fatal if you don’t properly treat the air you breathe. These viruses cling to tiny air particles that can easily be inhaled.

Particles are a significant concern. Studies have shown a direct relationship between inhaled particles and major health concerns. Particles with smaller diameters pose a real threat because they can reach deep within the lungs. Exposure to these contaminated air particles and pollutants can lead to a wide range of health concerns, especially in those with compromised immune systems and pulmonary diseases.

NexGen Air Purification Benefits

Airborne particles, oftentimes 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller, that carry contaminants can find their way deep inside the lungs and lead to serious health problems. According to the EPA, if individuals continue to breathe these irritants on a daily basis over long periods of time it can result in chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function and has even been linked to heart attacks in people that suffer from heart disease. Sounds serious, right? Well, it most certainly is and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The benefits of outfitting your home with a NexGen Air Purification System include...

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Installs In Any HVAC System
  • Protects From Pollutants
  • Purify Air & Reduce Allergens
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Destroys Contaminants

AM11 - CleanFit

  • Air handler and furnace direct fit, low restriction MERV 11 media air cleaners
  • Removal of up to 99.98% of particles and allergens from your filtered indoor air
  • Removes particles as small as .1 microns – 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair – a size that eludes most air cleaners
  • Industry-leading clean air delivery rate of 1,200
  • Low operating costs, with no replacement filters to buy
  • Easy-to-clean filters, just vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 9 months

AE14 - Filtration

  • Four-stage filtration system that powerfully attracts and traps airborne particles
  • Includes MERV 11 media filter
  • Filter design features a structured density gradient for sustained efficiency over the life of the filter
  • Filter material is constructed of cellulose-free, hydrophobic polyolefin fibers
  • Extra deep, 4 1/2 inch pleated filter
  • Filter has a tight cabinet fit ensuring minimal air bypass
  • Quick and easy filter change

Air Scrubber

  • Purifies the air and reduces particles that can irritate allergies and asthma
  • Protects people from dangerous contaminants and pollutants
  • Protects heating and cooling systems from dust buildup
  • For use in HVAC systems with accessible ducts
  • Reduces odors
  • Reduces visible smoke in the air
  • Reduces microbial populations on surfaces

UV Light

  • Seeks out and destroys pollutants in the air and on surfaces.
  • Active purification throughout all living spaces 24 hours a day
  • Ionic air scrubbers destroy indoor contaminants anywhere the air goes
  • Unique air purification process even cleans air that doesn't pass through the HVAC system
  • Installs in any HVAC system
  • NASA-developed technology for use in the International Space Station


Protection Plan

Whole Home Coverage for only $29.95/Month
  • Protects your Home for Life

As the next generation of home comfort, NexGen is always after the next big thing to revolutionize the HVAC industry. With ourProtection Plan, we take all of the guesswork out of making the most out of your HVAC and plumbing systems. This monthly plan will help you save in the short term as well as in the long run. And the best part? Our Protection Plan is like being invited to the VIP table - concierge service including priority services, a dedicated phone line, and more!

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