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NexGen helps Veteran John with a Brand New AC Unit in Desert Hot Springs

NexGen is a trusted name in plumbing, air quality, and HVAC in Palm Desert, Anaheim, Riverside, Los Angeles, and other parts of the area. We’re also committed to giving back to the community through our Project X program and Military Appreciation Program (MAP). As part of MAP, we donate four systems a year to veterans to show our appreciation for their service. In this article we will discuss our recent AC donation to veteran John Engles.


About John and Robin

John Engles is an 86-year-old veteran of the Korean War, he was drafted to in 1953. He later served as a paratrooper after extensive training. Engles is described by his neighbor as kind, loving, and giving with a lot of integrity and honor.

Robin, John’s neighbor, has lived in Desert Hot Springs for 22 years and has known John for nine years. She’s been a caretaker for her disabled sister for three years. One day, she realized how hot it was in John’s house, where it could be over 100°, and began the search for an air conditioner repair company. In the area, daytime summer temperatures can exceed 125°.


John’s AC Troubles

The heat in John’s home was so bad that Robin was prepared to call 911 or take him to the hospital. After waiting two weeks for a repair company to visit, and trouble getting financing, John felt like there was nowhere to turn. That is until Robin noticed the NexGen signs on the freeway.

After contacting NexGen, Ruben, the service manager in Palm Desert, sent a crew out for a diagnostic. They determined that the HVAC system in John’s home needed to be replaced. Ruben mentioned the Project X program after learning John Engles was a veteran. He then sent through the paperwork and John was approved.

Install manager Ernie Perez led NexGen’s installation of a furnace, coil, condenser, and other equipment for use during any season. A complete system was installed in one day. In a video, he also explained how devoted he and NexGen are to helping out the community to ensure people are cared for.

John Engles too expressed his gratitude, saying, “I would like to thank NexGen and ProjectX for my new system. I owe my life to them and thank you immensely.”


About Project X

Project X is a program in which someone can be nominated to be a recipient of NexGen’s services. It helps support local and larger projects that protect/honor the community and people in it, and that contribute to improvement. The company already tries to make HVAC service more affordable with flexible financing. Project X adds a new dimension by helping serve those most in need. To nominate a recipient, NexGen provides a form online in which their name, contact information, military branch and ID, and background story can be submitted.


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