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Should I replace or repair my HVAC unit?

old and new HVAC units
Figuring out whether an AC unit needs a repair or replacement is tough. If your unit is not more than one decade old and performing well, then you can consider repair. However, longevity is not the sole determining factor.

Performance, regular maintenance, and a few other factors can help you to decide either replacement or repair is due. You can call for an AC repair in Inland Empire before considering a costly replacement.

You can also go through these signs to make the right decision.

When to Replace 

If your air conditioning unit is more than one decade old and needs frequent repair, then it is better to go with the replacement. When it is more than 10 years, you will have to spend more on repairs or part replacement. Also, energy efficiency will be compromised. In some conditions, it might not offer the required coolness as well.

If there is an unexplained hike in maintenance expenses, then you will have to think of a replacement. Instead of spending more on repair or energy, you can take the call and go for the replacement to get long-term benefits.

Here are some signs that indicate the need for a replacement.

When to Repair

In most of conditions, you can go with the repair, especially when your system is new. An air conditioning service in Inland Empire can help you with the right solution. You might not have to spend more on repair if the issue is minor. You can consider repair when it has a good SEER rating. Also, when your system is less than ten years old, you can fix most of the issues.

If your system is offering the required coolness without increasing the monthly energy bill, then you should not go with a replacement. The same is about frequent repairs. If it does not require frequent and costly replacement, then you can save on replacements.

Here are some signs that indicate your AC unit needs repair.

When you notice that your AC system is not performing up to expectation, check it with an air conditioning repair in Inland Empire to find out the cause. Follow the above tips to decide if it is time to repair or replace your system. If you do find yourself in need of a repair or replacement, NexGen is here to help. Our experience and skills make us the perfect choice for your HVAC unit needs in the inland Empire. Call us today and let us help you decide what would be best for your unit.

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