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Electric Heating & Cooling

Lennox VRF
Wi-Fi Controller

  • Wi-Fi HVAC Control
  • 4” Color Touchscreen
  • Cool/Heat/Auto/Fan Modes
  • Set a Schedule by Time or Day
  • Lockable UI
  • Fully Functional Mobile App
  • Suits Residential or Light Commercial Applications


Wi-Fi Control

Color Touchscreen

Lockable UI

Remote Access


AM11 CleanFit

Honeywell Pro 9000

Evaporator Coil

Product Summary

The Lennox VRF Wi-Fi Controller allows precise control of Lennox Mini-VRF equipment via a sleek, intuitive interface. Its crisp 4” color IPS touchscreen enables operators to set the operation mode (cool, heat, auto, or fan) and a schedule based on the time or day of the week. And if you’re concerned about your heat pump being accidentally reset, the user interface can be locked.

The controller is accessible via a mobile app. Therefore, your Mini-VRF can be operated remotely. You can view help videos and documents when operating your heat pump. The app includes a quick reference guide, an error code lookup, and a refrigerant charge calculator.

When using the VRF Wi-Fi Controller, you have full remote command and control of your Mini-VRF system, maximizing convenience, performance, and flexibility.


  • All jobs are 100% permitted and HERS tested.
  • 4 in. capacitive touchscreen
  • Full-color LCD display 
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Uses low voltage 4-wire 18AWG shielded cable
  • Can control up to 16 indoor units on the same system

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Michelle Diaz

Patrick truly came through for us in every way. Long story short, we were stuck in a 12-WEEK disaster with the home warranty company where we were without any A/C and no end in sight. One call to NexGen and Patrick showed up the next day with a clear, efficient, cost effective solution. He fixed it all within 24 hours.

Austin Hepp

Of all the companies out there I have been the happiest with NexGen. The employees are a pleasure.

Bill Kean

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