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What Equipment Is Used for Hydro Jetting Services?

NexGen What Equipment is used for Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro jetting is a technique that pushes high-pressure water into plumbing and sewer lines to clear blockages. As it also scours pipes clean, it can be used for preventative maintenance and clear grease, mineral scale, hair, food particles, and debris. Less debris stuck to the inside of pipes means it’s more difficult for additional material to accumulate. Hydro jetting services are typically more effective than plunging or snaking.

Here’s a look at the process and the equipment plumbers use during hydro jetting.

The Hydro Jetting Process

The jetter typically contains a water tank, hose, and nozzle. It also uses a device to pressurize water to 3,500 psi or more. There are different types of nozzles to accommodate different sizes and types of drains. Chisel-type nozzles can break through hardened clogs, ice, or tree roots. Hydro jetting is often preferred because it uses no chemicals, it’s relatively fast, and is unlikely to damage pipes. The results are long-lasting as well.

The equipment used during a hydro jetting service can include:

Hydro Jetting Engines

A hydro jetting machine can be powered by gas, diesel, or electricity and typically works with hot or cold water. Depending on the model, it may be stationary but is usually placed on a trailer pulled by a van or truck. A water jetter often has an engine/motor, pump, hose real, and water source so is often large and heavy. It is also capable of reaching deep into long drain pipes and sewer lines.

Pulse Jetter Systems

A pulsejet engine works much like a hydro-jet system. The difference is it uses pressure pulses generated by consecutive detonations inside the engine. Pulse jetters provide high compression and are therefore highly effective for sewer cleaning. Some water jetting machines and pressure washers can be converted to jetters by installing a pulsation valve; a handle lets the user achieve pulse or constant flow.

Video Inspection Cameras

Plumbers use high-resolution video cameras that attach to flexible lines, allowing them to see into sewage pipes. Technicians can find the source and location of a blockage and where to direct their hydro jetting equipment. They can also spot leaks or breaks where repairs are needed instead of high-pressure water than can worsen the problem.

Protective Equipment

Technicians performing hydro jetting services must follow safety guidelines that include wearing protective gear. You’ll likely see a hydro jetting technician wearing a safety helmet, face shield, goggles, work gloves, safety footwear, and protective overalls or jacket and trousers. Hydro jetting isn’t something just anyone can do. It requires training and familiarity with the equipment so the job can be completed safely.

Hydro Jetting Services Keep Your Plumbing in Top Shape

When debris remains stuck in pipes, it opens the door to future clogs. Blockages can build pressure in the system, which may eventually lead to burst pipes and broken sewer lines. Hydro jetting is a safe and effective process. It won’t damage pipes as long as they’re intact, even in older buildings. The process is also highly effective for high-demand plumbing, such as that in restaurants, as well as municipal pipes and commercial sewers.

Schedule a Hydro Jetting Service with NexGen

NexGen employs top-of-the-line equipment to clear drain and sewer lines. Our licensed and insured technicians are trained and experienced to complete any hydro jetting job. We’re available 24/7 to address plumbing emergencies in many Southern California locations. If your plumbing isn’t draining properly, there’s a clog, or it’s time to schedule maintenance, request hydro jetting service by calling 833-729-9735 today.

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