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What Do Palm Desert Homeowners Really Want in a House?

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We’ve all watched (or binge watched) those HGTV shows about home remodels and what people want in a home. After watching a few episodes, you get the impression that most people want marble floors, an open concept home, walk-in closets and a gameroom.


Sure these things are really flashy and make for great TV, but is that what we really want in a home?

The answer may surprise you:

That’s right, the answer to this question is far from what HGTV portrays. In fact, according to a new survey from, the #1 must have in any home is…

Drumroll Please!

A Central heating and Air Conditioning System!

That’s right:

A central heating and air conditioning system is the most important feature of a home, according to the 1,000 homeowners and renters that surveyed.

In all honesty:

We couldn’t agree more! Of the surveyed, 82% said it was totally non-negotiable if a home didn’t have central HVAC. Home buyers need AC - that’s final.

For our local Palm Desert residents, this is definitely a no brainer. With summer heat reaching well over 110 degrees and winter nights being fairly cold, central air and heat is a must have for a baseline level of comfort.

Here’s the thing:

Where a new kitchen would be nice, the price tag may be enough to drive people away because a new kitchen is just a “nice to have”. But when it comes to central AC, most people agreed that they’d be willing to shell out quite a bit of money to make sure they have an energy efficient unit that heated and cooled their home quickly and reliably.

In fact:

People are so willing to spend extra for central HVAC systems in their homes that they are willing to pay a premium when buying a house if HVAC is included. A June case study by Zillow found that homes with central heating and air sold for about $5,500 more than homes without it. Regions with hotter climates, like right here in Palm Desert,  went for a premium of over $11,000!

With the weather as crazy as it is (it feels like summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder), HVAC may become an even more important aspect of our homes. We may even start featuring HVAC on these HGTV home remodel shows that we love so much!

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Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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