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Types of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

NexGen Types of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

There are different types of professional drain cleaning services to consider. This is important to know when requesting emergency service or routine maintenance and enables a plumber to address a wide range of problems. A clogged drain can occur for various reasons and cause odors, odd noises, and water backups.

When you call a local contractor, a qualified professional can provide drain cleaning services such as:

Video Pipe Inspection

A video camera inspection is often the first step to unclogging a drain. It involves inserting a digital camera and LED light mounted to a fiber-optic cable into the line. The images are transmitted to a monitor so the problem can be viewed onscreen and a technician can determine the nature, size, and location of a clog. By analyzing what they see, the plumber can determine the best method and tools for removing the clog and preventing future issues.

Based on what they see, a technician can move forward with removing an abundance of material that’s clogging the line. Grease or tree roots require different methods to address. If frequent clogs are being caused by a shifting foundation, the associated pipe damage will have to be repaired and other service professionals may be needed to address the problem.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

There are many chemical drain cleaning products on the consumer market. However, many of them can corrode pipes and cause chemical burns on your skin. A licensed plumber has access to more effective products and the skills and equipment to handle such chemicals safely. Professional-grade products are also more effective at reacting with and dislodging organic blockages in drain lines.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning

A drain cleaning service professional can use equipment to accelerate a gas, such as carbon dioxide, to break up and dislodge a clog. Pressurized gas provides enough force to reach blockages farther down the drain. Despite the force of the gas, it does not damage the interior of pipes.

Drain Snaking

A drain auger provides a more traditional method of clearing a drain line. It’s not new but remains a preferred method of attempting to remove a severe clog. The auger head has blades or a screw-like head and is turned via a crank or motor. As it rotates, it cuts through whatever is obstructing the pipe. Some augers can grab onto and pull the material out. While a consumer drain snake may not reach very far, plumbers can use motorized equipment that can reach up to 100 feet or more.

A drain cleaning service that uses drain snaking is often referred to as a roto-rooter service. Both drain snaking and a roto-rooter service are the same thing.

Hydro jetting

A more recently developed drain cleaning service, hydro jetting uses high-pressure streams of water to dislodge clogs and force them through your plumbing system. The material blocking the pipe is pushed into the waste lines and sewage system, while the internal walls of pipes can be scoured clean to reduce the risk of future clogs. A plumber may set the hydrojetting machine to a pressure of up to 35,000 PSI. It can clear food, grease, hair, mineral deposits, and other blockages no matter how long the drainpipe is.

Drain Sewer Cleaning

A blockage can sometimes form inside a sewer line. It requires specialized snake equipment and other tools to clean, but a plumber can often perform sewer cleaning from inside your home or via the clean-out located outside (one can be installed if you don’t have it). 

Sewer cleaning is needed when tree roots invade sewer lines. Professional plumbers have equipment that allows them to access and break up tree roots that have infiltrated a pipe. They can also use non-invasive methods to replace affected sections of pipe.

When Should I Call a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

It’s a good idea to call a plumber to determine which of these services you need if:

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