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Traditional Heating & Cooling

Traditional Gas Furnace  AMES80-U

  • 80% AFUE Rating
  • Energy Efficient Sealed Combustion
  • Ultra-Low NOx Emission Compliance
  • Heavy-Duty 439 Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Stainless-Steel Premix Burner
  • Silicon Nitride Igniter
  • Multi-Speed ECM Motor
  • Thermally Insulated Cabinet
  • Integrated Self-Diagnostics
  • Nest Automation Compatible


Quiet Performance

Engineered Longevity

Energy Efficiency

Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics


1 In. Filter

Honeywell T-6

Evaporator Coil

Product Summary

The Traditional AMES80-U Gas Furnace is a highly efficient, HERS tested appliance engineered for energy efficiency, quiet operation, and longevity. It is designed to meet California emissions regulatory compliance standards thanks to a clean combustion premix burner that provides the optimal mix of fuel and oxygen. In addition, a multi-speed motor automatically adjusts airflow to not only reduce energy usage, but also improve comfort and enable quiet operation (compared to single-stage motors).

A silicon nitride ignitor also conserves energy, as it replaces a pilot light. The sealed combustion design further improves efficiency because it adds heat directly to indoor air rather than exchange it with outside air. Meanwhile, an insulated cabinet permits air leakage of no more than 2%, which not only reduces blower noise but also improves heat transfer efficiency. The heat exchanger itself is made of 439 stainless steel, formed using wrinkle-bend technology, which improves efficiency and reliability.

The AMES80-U also integrates smart diagnostics via a pre-programmed control board that provides continuous monitoring. Diagnostic codes are stored in the board’s memory, with LED indication of operating conditions so performance issues can be quickly troubleshooted. When minor issues or detected, cost-saving measures can be taken to restore comfort and avoid costlier repairs.

Other Resources

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  • All jobs are 100% permitted and HERS tested.
  • All-Aluminum Coil
  • SmartFrame Sub-Structure
  • 21" depth for easier attic access
  • Check flowrator for cooling and heat pump applications
  • Direct drive, multi-speed PSC blower motor
  • Cabinet air leakage less than 2.0% at 1.0 inch H₂O when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193

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This company cares for their customers. I had AC repair and the technician, Steve Arias, was very professional, kind, and very knowledgeable, not to mention handsome and well groomed. They followed up and made sure I was satisfied with my service. Also very easy to reach if I had questions or concerns. Great Service!!

Michelle Diaz

Patrick truly came through for us in every way. Long story short, we were stuck in a 12-WEEK disaster with the home warranty company where we were without any A/C and no end in sight. One call to NexGen and Patrick showed up the next day with a clear, efficient, cost effective solution. He fixed it all within 24 hours.

Austin Hepp

Of all the companies out there I have been the happiest with NexGen. The employees are a pleasure.
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Bill Kean

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