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Is it Worth It To Repipe a House?

NexGen Is it Worth It To Repipe a House

Homeowners and plumbers in Southern California often find repiping a house worth it for many reasons. The national average to repipe a house is $7,500 (although it can cost much more).¹ It is a substantial project but can have many long-term benefits. We’ll now look at why pipe replacement is a wise investment.

Repiping a house can:

Increase It’s Value

A potential buyer may see old piping as a reason not to purchase a home. No one wants to invest in a home and then have to pay to replace the plumbing system (or deal with a burst pipe, flood, or water damage). New pipes can last 100 years or more and increase your house's market value since buyers may find new pipes more appealing. Repiping can end up having a solid return on investment.

Improve Water Pressure

Old pipes can clog with sediment and limescale, causing drops in water pressure. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, taking a shower, washing your car, or otherwise using water, low pressure can increase the amount of water you need. Daily tasks will also take more time. Replacing old pipes with new ones should increase water pressure so you can manage these tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Better Water Quality

As old pipes rust and corrode, your water supply can get contaminated. Therefore, water may taste funny, smell bad, and be unhealthy to drink. Water temperature can also fluctuate due to issues with older pipes, which can cause the regulating valve to malfunction. Water discoloration is a sign of rust or sediment buildup (especially if it’s yellow or brown). There’s no quick fix for any of these issues. If the pipes are several decades old, they must be replaced by an experienced and licensed plumber.

Fewer Plumbing Issues

Dealing with frequent plumbing repairs is inconvenient and expensive. Many problems may appear as water lines age. Weakening pipes can trigger multiple leaks. Patching each one up takes time and can lead to bigger problems later. If you often find leaks or signs of moisture on old pipes, they may be deteriorating, so a repiping project is worth it, considering the risk of a plumbing failure.

Eliminate Mold

Mold growth is another risk with old pipes. If mold is growing inside them, musty odors may spread throughout your home and a release of toxins can pose serious health risks to your family. Aside from odors, signs of mold in pipes include visible growth on surfaces near water lines and plumbing fixtures. 

A combination of moisture, warmth, and the presence of organic matter creates a breeding ground for mold. Oftentimes, you can clean the affected area and improve ventilation. If the problem is severe enough, repiping may be necessary.

Why Hire Professional Plumbers Near Me for Repiping?

A DIY repiping project can potentially save on costs. However, this potential doesn’t match the benefits of hiring a professional. You would have to invest in specialized tools that require training and experience to use correctly. These can also be quite costly on their own. Plumbers can justify the costs with the profits they make on their services. 

Also, repiping an old home can be dangerous. You can encounter safety hazards such as sources of electricity and gas lines. A shock or a gas leak can cause serious injury or death. If a pipe or fitting is improperly installed, water leaks, water damage, and other problems could occur and require expensive repairs.

However, a professional has the expertise and experience to successfully repipe your home and assure high-quality results. Their work may be warrantied and your old plumbing equipment will be properly disposed of. Although the upfront installation cost may be high, a plumber can save you money in the long run.

Schedule Piping and Repiping Services

NexGen is a leading plumbing services company in Southern California. Fully licensed and insured, our plumbers near you can make repiping a house worth it through their expertise, precision, and dedication. They can address any issue and have the tools and equipment to get a repiping project done on time and within your budget. For an affordable solution, fast service, and pipe installation methods that minimize disruption, call (805) 301-6788 today.



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Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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