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6 Ways to Keep Your Brick House Cool in the Summer

NexGen How to Keep a Brick House Cool In the Summer NexGen provides air conditioning services for all types of homes in Southern California. We know installing an AC requires considering a building’s size and construction materials. For example, brick is highly effective at holding heat. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine how to keep a brick house cool in the summer.[/caption]

Brick houses get so hot because bricks are great at absorbing heat from the sun. This thermal energy is stored and released into the air and other building materials, providing a persistent source of heat that keeps your home uncomfortably warm. The thermal mass of brick, or its ability to store and release heat over time, is a downside compared to advantages such as its strength and durability.

How to Cool a Brick House

A brick home isn’t destined to always be hot. There are effective ways to control its temperature and allow your AC system to run more efficiently. These include:

Insulating Your Home

Whether installed during construction or a retrofit, insulation slows the transfer of heat between exterior and interior walls. Therefore, the amount of heat released to the interior is limited. Insulation will also prevent bricks from heating up. Your walls will then stay cooler and radiate less heat, thereby contributing to cooler indoor temperatures.

Block Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight will counter any efforts you make to cool your brick home. To reduce the heating effect of sunlight, you can:

Seal Cracks Around Doors and Windows

The smallest gaps can let in hot air and allow cool air to escape. Check for drafts around or near doors and windows. Small cracks can be sealed with caulking. An expandable foam spray can be used to seal larger gaps. Weatherstripping is also an effective seal. Call a professional if there are many large cracks or if you suspect structural damage. 

Use Clay Bricks Instead of Concrete Bricks

If you’re constructing a brick home, choose clay which has a lower thermal mass than concrete. Clay absorbs heat more easily. But it also releases it faster rather than radiating heat throughout the night.

Use Fans Wherever Practical

Fans don’t cool the air, but they can help lower your body temperature. You can also place them wherever you need a cool space. Ceiling and portable fans are particularly effective for small rooms, whether your home is made of brick or not. You can use several of them for cost-effective cooling.

Install and Maintain an Air Conditioning System

Installing an air conditioner isn’t the cheapest option. But it is effective at providing cool air in a brick home. If you set the AC to a comfortable temperature early in the day, it will keep the bricks cool to start. Bricks retain cold quite well, especially if your home is well-insulated.

NexGen Can Help Keep Your Brick House Cool in the Summer

Our fully licensed and insured technicians install, repair, and maintain air conditioners throughout Southern California. We’ll evaluate your home to determine the best type of AC system for you. The systems we install and service include central units, ductless mini-splits, packaged units, and heat pumps. Our team can also install attic insulation and energy-efficient window coverings to help keep your home cool. To learn more, call (833) 729-9735.

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Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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