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Furnace Sounds You Shouldn't Ignore

NexGen Furnace Sounds You Shouldn't Ignore

There are specific furnace sounds you should never ignore. Hearing unusual noises should prompt you to call a heating technician. NexGen provides furnace repair near you anywhere in Southern California. Our trucks are dispatched from locations in Anaheim, Northridge, Riverside, and Palm Desert. When you hear something strange from your furnace, you can reach us 24/7 and our licensed and insured technicians can troubleshoot and fix it fast.

Call for help if your furnace makes any of the following sounds:


If it sounds like metal scraping on metal, the furnace’s blower wheel may be broken or some component has come loose. A malfunctioning blower wheel can damage the motor and waiting any longer can mean requiring a new blower assembly. Other damage to your furnace can also occur. Therefore, acting quickly can mean the difference between a fast and simple fix and an expensive repair. 

Popping or Banging

If your furnace makes popping or banging sounds, the burners may be dirty. A coating of dirt causes a delayed ignition; gas builds up and creates a small explosion, creating unsettling noises. Ignoring these sounds can lead to explosions that become strong enough to crack the heat exchanger. Call for help even if the noise is more like a rumbling, knocking, or booming.

Popping noises can also come from air ducts as they expand and contract. This happens as the furnace turns on and off, so the sound may not mean it’s at risk of failing. However, there may be a ductwork issue, such as an improperly sized or poor-quality duct, that requires a professional. Or, the issue can be as simple as a clogged filter or closed vent.

High-Pitched Squealing

A squealing noise from a furnace can be caused by a few things. Usually, it’s a worn-out part,  such as a frayed blower belt or a failing blower motor. A professional can easily fix these, but waiting can lead to further damage and major repairs. 


A problem with the gas valve can cause whistling noises while the furnace is running. Call an HVAC company that provides furnace repair near you, as fitting a new gas valve requires a trained professional. If the sound isn’t coming from a valve, it may be due to an airflow issue in a duct or vent. Open vents or change the filter if this seems to be the source; call for help if the noise doesn’t go away.


Rattling noises can point to various issues. The cause may be a loose bolt in the access door, which can be tightened with a wrench. If your furnace is getting old, rattling can come from a bad blower motor fan belt, a damaged burner, or a cracked heat exchanger. Call a technician to diagnose the problem quickly, save your furnace, and prevent any safety hazards.


A furnace might make a chirping sound when you first turn it on for the season. Although it’s not unusual, a chirp can mean the blower motor pulley is misaligned or the blower wheel is touching the mounting plate. Call a professional if the noise doesn’t go away after the furnace starts up. It’s likely some kind of trouble is brewing.


An object, which may be as small as a piece of paper, may be stuck in the air intake. There are several places where it can get trapped. To fix this problem, a technician will need to get inside the furnace system. 

Are There Normal Sounds a Furnace Can Make?

A quick pop or click as the furnace starts and a dull hum as it’s running aren’t concerning. You can expect to hear some noise as the unit starts up, runs, and shuts off.

Can I Hear If I Need a New Furnace?

Loud rattling, grinding, scraping, rumbling, screeching, and other unusual noises can mean your furnace is about to give out. A heating technician can check the system to determine if this is the case.

How Do You Fix a Noisy Furnace?

Tightening loose parts, fixing damaged insulation, and opening vents can resolve furnace noise. Lubricating the motor and other moving parts can too. If you can’t find the source of the noise or resolving it requires repairing your furnace, call a professional.

Call NexGen for Furnace Repair Near You

The #1 heating repair company in Southern California, NexGen has fully licensed, bonded, and insured technicians that can handle any problem. They can find the source of any furnace sounds you shouldn’t ignore. Whether the unit needs a new fan blade, igniter, or other part, our contractors arrive with everything needed to resolve the issue. We’re also available 24/7 if you have an emergency. Call (805) 301-6788 to request help.

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Not only did his team deliver promptly and on time, they were friendly and left with a professional install of my new A/C unit. I can’t mention the AWESOME price I got, but needless to say they can beat any deal, and will give you the fastest 1st-rate service available.
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Yesterday I had NexGen install a new furnace and a/c system to replace my 30-year-old system. Their representative Jeff met with me the day before to go over the system that would work best for my home, and presented me with a price I couldn’t turn down. Incidentally, NexGen’s price was over $3,000 cheaper than all other competitors.
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My call was promptly returned by Jeff and an appointment was scheduled for the next day. Jeff presented an offer that I couldn’t refuse! A crew was available that day and came, saw and conquered. I had A/C that evening at a very fair price. Highly recommend NexGen.
Lisa S.

Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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