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Free Estimates, Inspections, and Testing

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Free Friendly Estimates

NexGen will provide you with afree estimate on just about any service. You can reach out to us for a quote on:

  • New HVAC Systems: Whether you prefer traditional, electric, rooftop, or ductless heating/cooling systems, we can help choose the right-sized installation for your home and provide an instant quote. We also install and maintain air filters, condensers, evaporator coils, heat exchangers, ignition and burner assemblies, and more.
  • Visual Drain Inspections: We can provide visual drain inspections at no cost to you. Sink, shower, and even condensate drains can become clogged due to normal use. Be careful about what you put down a drain; grease, soap, hair, and even paper towels can cause a blockage. If you need a drain cleared, snaked or hydro jetted to remove a blockage, we’ll quote you a fair price.
  • Attic Efficiency Evaluation:Heating and cooling efficiency are impacted by issues in your attic. Our free inspectionincludes checking insulation, air flow, and ventilation and their impact on energy usage. Following an evaluation, our service technicians will provide recommendations for improvements to your system.
  • Airducts & Insulation: Our technicians conduct free airduct and insulation testing; a full duct work inspection can identify issues with air pressure, dust, mold, insect/rodent infestations, leaks, and other issues that can impede airflow. Many issues in your ductwork can help us verify proper operation of your HVAC

Free Whole House Water Filtration Testing

Water quality is important to every family in Southern California. A state-licensed water conditioning contractor, we offer free water filtration testing to determine whether your water filtration system is working properly or needs repair or replacement. Our technicians can service all makes and models of water conditioners, softeners, and coolers as well as osmosis systems. When replacement is needed, we can remove your old water filtration system and install the new one quickly.

Free Second Opinions (on HVAC Repair)

If your first estimate is unaffordable or you think you can do better, contact NexGen for a second opinion. We’ll provide you with a new HVAC system estimate for free. HVAC repair doesn’t have to break the bank. You might receive a lower quote with your appointment. You can also take advantage of our in-house financing opportunities with affordable monthly installments and low-interest rates for minor and major repairs.

Contact NexGen for Free Estimates, Inspections, and Testing

Wear and tear can impact any HVAC system. That’s why we’re here to save you on inspections and testing and avoid more serious trouble down the road.NexGen can provide thermostat calibration, ensure optimal HVAC equipment clearances, and replace bearings, fan screens, fan belts,valves, and motors at a reasonable price. We can check the cause of abnormal defrosting cycles and install drift eliminators to help reduce moisture. If you have air conditioning issues, our technicians can also check electrical connections. We specialize in gas line repair too.

To receive your free estimate, inspection, or HVAC system test, call NexGen at 888-277-0415 and schedule your appointment today!

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