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8 Signs You Need a Drain Unclogging Service

NexGen 8 Signs You Need a Drain Unclogging Service

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems, and nearly everyone eventually deals with one. Sometimes you can resolve the issue with a plunger. But when do you need a professional? Here are the top 8 signs it’s time to call a drain unclogging service.

1. A Pool of Water

No matter how much you enjoy swimming and other water activities, having standing water in your home is never good. Standing water in a sink, tub, or washing machine means a drainage pipe is clogged. Dishwashers and basement floor drains can also clog. Standing water around a toilet is another reason to call for help.

2. A Slow Drain

Soap, grease, hair, and other materials build up in drains and pipes. The problem often starts gradually. Your sink or bathtub may take longer to empty. The problem will only get worse until the drain clogs up completely. So, keep an eye on those drains when you wash your hands, brush your teeth, or take a shower. If one sink or fixture is slow, the clog is probably limited to that drain; if multiple sinks slow up, there may be a sewer line blockage.

3. Clogs Occur Frequently

You cleared your sink drain a few days ago, but it clogged again. If a clog keeps recurring, a serious blockage may be forming. The standard home remedies won’t eliminate such a clog, which may be due to stubborn residue or mineral scale. You’ll need a plumber to provide a drain unclogging service to resolve the issue.

4. Your Home Smells Like Sewage

You expect your home to smell clean and fresh. If a sewer line is clogged, that familiar fresh scent is replaced by foul odors that worsen over time. Your drains may work even though food, waste, and sewage are building up inside. If the smell is coming from a rarely used sink, run the water to fill the P-trap. Otherwise, call a plumber for help. And if you have musty odors from drains, call a professional to check for and clean out any mold.

5. Pipes Are Noisy

A gurgling sound means air bubbles are forming as water pushes past a developing clog. The drain may still be working. You might also see air bubbles rising in the toilet as you run the sink faucet (indicating a possible sewer clog). The noise (and bubbles) should go away once a plumber removes what’s causing the clog.

6. Fruit Flies Are Everywhere

No food scraps are lying around, but fruit flies suddenly appear. They won’t go away no matter how well you clean the kitchen. The likely reason is food buildup in a drainage pipe. A professional plumber is equipped to remove every trace of food from the drainage line. The flies will then move on in search of other food sources.

7. Insects or Rodents in the Sink

Seeing pests in the sink is a good reason to call a drain unclogging service. Bugs and small rodents can get into drain pipes through holes and breaks. A skilled plumber can find the broken pipe, seal it, or make repairs that prevent any other pests from getting in.

8. The Water Bill Went Up

A fluctuating water bill isn’t a concern if it’s not a big change. But a dramatic increase from one month to another is a sign of a plumbing leak. While it’s more subtle than a clogged drain, it means there’s a serious problem. Have a plumber inspect your drains and pipes. They can use pipe inspection cameras to spot hard-to-find issues, fix them, and clean out your drains to prevent further problems.

Contact NexGen for Drain Cleaning Service

NexGen provides drain cleaning services in Southern California by fully licensed, insured technicians. From pipe camera inspection to drain line snaking to hydro jetting, we use the latest tools and techniques to fix clogged drains no matter what’s inside them. Whether the issue is in your sink drain or sewer line, our team will diagnose the cause and get the water flowing again. Call (833) 729-9735 to request drain unclogging service today.

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