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10 Reasons to Have a Sewer Line Cleanout Installed

NexGen 10 Reasons to Have a Sewer Line Cleanout Installed

Installing a sewer line cleanout has many benefits when it comes to unclogging or maintaining sewer pipes. You need one if it’s not already installed. Sewer line clogs are often hard to locate and can be too deep for a plumbing snake to reach or for the force of a plunger to have any effect. 

The cleanout is usually a 3-, 4-, or 6-inch pipe covered with a white, black, or gold plastic cap. It provides access to the sewer line at a connecting point between your house and the municipal sewer system. Usually found outside the home, it’s often near a basement window, in the yard, along a sidewalk, or where the pavement and lawn meet. An older home may have a cleanout inside.

You should have a sewer line cleanout for these reasons:

1. Emergency Access

A blockage or broken pipe can cause sewage to back up and flow into your home. The longer this takes to resolve, the more expensive repairs will be. A cleanout provides a plumber with immediate access to the sewer line and a closer point where they can reach and remove a blockage. They won’t have to excavate your yard to access the pipe. 

2. Drain Problems Can Be Prevented

If you often deal with clogged drains, a sewer line cleanout enables a plumber to quickly detect where the problem is and address it more quickly. They can perform a better assessment and provide advice on how to prevent future drainage issues.

3. It Can Improve Safety

Sewer gas is toxic and can be extremely harmful. The cap on a cleanout prevents gases from building up and entering your home. Otherwise, they could seep through pipes, floors, and baseboards. Aside from smelling unpleasant, gases such as ammonia, methane, and sulfur dioxide can cause headaches, dizziness, eye irritation, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and difficulty breathing; if the concentrations are high enough, you could quickly be rendered unconscious.

4. Your Plumbing Is Draining Slowly

Multiple slow or clogged drains point to a sewer line clog. If this is the case, sinks and toilets will be affected. Even if they’re draining slowly, a sewer line cleanout can enable a plumber to act quickly and avoid a complete blockage.

5. Water Is Backing Up Unexpectedly

A clogged toilet or shower will prevent water from draining from one location. But issues such as water appearing in a downstairs shower when you flush an upstairs toilet mean water is moving but not going as far as it’s supposed to. The backup is originating further down the line. The easiest place to determine where is from the cleanout.

6. Your Plumbing Can’t Handle Large Amounts of Water

Running a sink or flushing a toilet may not cause trouble. But if you run multiple fixtures or a large washing machine load, and a backup occurs, don’t ignore the issue. You may just be tempted to reduce the load on the system. A sewer line clog will only get worse, and installing a cleanout can help manage it.

7. The Yard Is Flooding

The pressure from a blockage can cause the main sewer line to break. Water will then emerge outside. If this happens, your yard may appear damp even if it doesn’t rain. Lush patches of greenery can also mean sewage is leaking. The closer a plumber can get to the problem, the more quickly they can resolve it.

8. Mold and Mildew Are Growing In Your Home

Water can back up into your home and not cause plumbing problems. However, excess moisture can allow mold and mildew to grow. If left unchecked, they can do extensive damage, including the foundation, and cause health issues. When you see mold growing, call a plumber to find out why.

9. Flooding Can Be Avoided

A single flood, even if the water doesn’t get that high, can ruin furniture, carpets, flooring, and building materials. The small blockage growing in your sewer line can be a precursor to a flood. With a sewer cleanout, a professional can reach the affected area and fix the problem before it becomes a disaster.

10. Plumbers Can Perform Routine Maintenance

Aside from dealing with emergencies, a sewer line cleanout makes it easier for a plumber to perform an annual sewer cleaning. They don’t even have to enter your home. Plumbing maintenance can address issues and prevent future clogs.

Call NexGen to Install a Sewer Line Cleanout

Installing a sewer line cleanout makes plumbing repairs and maintenance faster and more convenient. We can use this access point to conduct camera inspections, snake a sewer line, or perform hydrojetting. At NexGen, our technicians are trained in various methods of unclogging and cleaning sewer lines and can address tree root infiltration and other issues. To schedule drain and sewer line cleaning and other services, book your appointment online or call (833) 729-9735.

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